Church Planting Application Process

Please complete the following Three Steps if you sense that God is calling you to plant a church with us at L10-2; or, you sense a call to help plant a church; or, if you are a planter from another tradition and want to explore this possibility.  If you are with a church that desires to explore partnering with us to plant together, please contact the Chair of L10-2 here.

Once you submit an online application, you have begun to move through our application process, which helps us get to know you, and you, us.  We’ll also send you a free copy of Ed Stetzer’s book, Planting Missional Churches.  The process has three steps: Application, Initial Discernment, and Formal Assessment.

Step 1. Application 

The application process begins when you fill out our online application, where you submit your resume, describe your ministry background, and provide references for your ministry experience. We ask you to tell us about your sense of call, your marriage, your theology, and your vision. In addition to the application, we ask that you respond to a brief questionnaire. Click here for the questionnaire.   After we receive these, we will send you a link to complete the Church Planter Candidate Assessment, an online tool by Lifeway Research.

Step 2. Initial Discernment 

Once we have reviewed your application, questionnaire responses, and Lifeway profile, we will discern God’s leading on how to continue. If we have a green light after Step 1, we will then ask you to complete two other online instruments, and to submit an audio example of your preaching. After we receive those, we will have a longer telephone or Skype conversation with you for us to get to know you better, and you, us.

Step 3.  Formal Assessment

If it appears that you are a good candidate for church planting and we are well-matched to work together, we will ask you and your spouse to come to Northern Virginia to meet with our assessment team. We will consider your spiritual gifts, your talents, your background, your personal style, and your fit with particular mission fields in our region.  If applicable, we will help you to consider next steps as you pursue the ordination process, or licensing in Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic. Typically, you will then join in a set of group exercises with other prospective candidates.  We will provide you with a written Assessment report discussing your suitability as a planter, as well as what you will need in order to succeed.  We will then discuss next steps with you.

If you are ready to get started, click here to begin your application.

The Diocese of the MidAtlantic within the ACNA
L10:2, as a part of the Diocese of the MidAtlantic, works to help provide funds for new churches, missions, and existing congregations in their evangelistic work. Please take some time to review our processes by clicking this link.

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