Church Planting Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Directions: We are excited by your interest in Church Planting. The questions below are part of a pre-assessment process that will create a “snapshot” of your life and ministry experiences.  It is the first step of a formal assessment you may wish to complete to provide an in-depth analysis of your potential calling to the ministry church planting. Please give a brief (but robust) response to each question, then save the document using your first initial and full last name as the new file name.  Then email your completed questionnaire to Tom Herrick, at [email protected]  We will review your responses along with your profile from the online LifeWay instrument and send you a brief report to help you discern your next steps. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

  1. As you consider your present and future ministry, what do you think about the possibility of planting a church?  What excites you? What gives you pause?
  1. Tell about a time when you built something from the ground floor up.  This could be a building project, beginning a new program, or starting a new group.  (Note: The context does not matter: it could have been at work, school, home, or church.)
  1. Describe your ideal work or ministry assignment. Tell about the time you came closest to having this kind of assignment and what you found rewarding about it.
  1. Give some examples of persons you have recruited into ministry and discipled. How did you help those persons in their development and what kind of results are they having?  In what ways are those persons now working to recruit and disciple others?
  1. How do you discern and cultivate the spiritual gifts in others? Give some instances of persons in whom you recognized gifts they were unaware of or not utilizing. How did you help them to begin activating their gifts for ministry?
  1. What contacts do you have with others who do not have an active relationship with Jesus or a church home? Please describe one such contact that presented challenges to you and how you responded to those challenges.
  1. Tell about an experience you have had helping to grow a church. What did you learn from this experience?
  1. Describe two or three things you have done to understand better the needs that exist in a community in which you have lived. How did you assess these needs? Describe some attempts you made to address these needs.
  1. Tell about the most recent close relationship in which you have invested. What efforts did you make to achieve that closeness? How did you overcome barriers such as distrust or fear of rejection?
  1. Describe the steps you take to help a group to work as a cohesive unit. Give an example of when you did this.
  1. Tell about a demanding period of time during your life or ministry and what steps you took to handle the multiple demands upon you.  If you have a family, how did you balance these demands with the needs of your family?
  1. Tell about a defeat or failure you’ve experience and how you recovered.
  1. What experiences have most challenged your faith? Tell what you did in response to them.
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