Funding Form

L10-2 offers financial grants in a variety of ways for our church planter, new churches, and established churches looking to help in this great work. Typically, funds are granted for:

†       Coaching church planters

†       Coaching existing church leaders

†       Planter Internships

†       Church Planter Residency Subsidy to Mother Church, up to 2 years

†       Training Conferences

Funding Application

Funding request application from the Great Commission Committee.
  • Coaching for Church Planters may be subsidized over the course of five years on a descending basis.
  • Coaching for Clergy in Established Congregations may be subsidized over the course of three years on a descending basis.
  • Internship grants are available up to $2,000.00
  • Residency programs have a two year option.
  • Various Church Planting Conferences are either paid for or partially subsidized by L10:2.
  • If there is something you are requesting help for that is not listed in our menu options, please note what it is and the cost. Thank you.
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