Residency and Internships

Church Planting Residence and Internship Programs

In 2012, the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic initiated two new programs in church planting. Both include working along side Anglican clergy, practical exposure to the inner working of congregational life and leadership, and an opportunity to be of practical assistance to a growing Anglican congregation while gaining skills and experience in church planting.

The Clergy Residence Program is a one or two-year opportunity to gain practical experience working in a local congregation with an experienced priest committed to planting new Anglican churches. Clergy Residents typically will be: men or women who are being called to plant or work in a new Anglican worshipping community, who have graduated from a seminary recognized by the Anglican Church of North America within the past 3 years or who are seriously considering a career serving in a local congregation, and who can raise or otherwise provide a portion of their financial support.

The Clergy Interns Program is a two or three month opportunity to participate in the leadership of a new or growing Anglican congregation. Clergy Interns typically will be: men or women who have completed at least one year of seminary, have an interest in planting churches, and who can raise or otherwise provide a portion of their financial support. Interns typically, but not necessarily, serve during summer months.

If you are interested in learning more about either, or both, of these programs, contact: Rev’d. Dr. Tom Herrick (Executive Director, Titus Institute for Church Planting, 14550 Lee RoadChantilly, VA  20151, Office:  (703) 817-0602).


Illustrative Example of an Internship Opening

I. Position Description

Title:                                         Summer Intern
Reports to:                              Rector / Sr. Warden
Salary and Benefits:             $2,000 / Provide Housing in Homes / Provide an office space
Commitment:                        40 hours per week May 26th

II. Position Summary

The Summer Intern at (the particular DOMA church) will:

  1. Participate in Sunday morning or special worship services in a variety of leadership roles.
  2. Preach and teach.
  3. Assist with Summer Adult Education and Bible Study.
  4. Provide pastoral care to the congregation.
  5. Build relationships with the congregation for the purpose of discipleship and fellowship.
  6. Participate in ministry opportunities such as Summer Adventure camp, student ministry.
  7. Participate in Weekly Staff meetings.
  8. Meet regularly with the Rector and a support team for fellowship, growth, encouragement.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Love, serve and worship Jesus Christ with heart, mind, soul and strength.
  2. Model authentic faith in Jesus Christ through the joys and challenges of life.
  3. Cultivate a prayerful and servant’s heart for the Resurrection staff and congregation.
  4. Assist with planning and leading worship services
  5. Preach at least 2 times during Sunday morning or special worship services.
  6. Lead a Summer Adult Education Class / Co –lead a summer Adult Bible Study.
  7. Attend staff meetings for fellowship and ministry planning.
  8. Build healthy pastoral relationships with congregation for care, discipleship, fellowship.
  9. Be a leader for Summer Adventure camp.
  10. Participate in other ministry opportunities as agreed upon with the Rector.


Illustrative Example: A Two Year Position Anglican Pastoral Residency

An Anglican Church located within DOMA is searching for exceptional seminary graduates and newly ordained clergy, committed to Jesus Christ, proclaiming the gospel, and a lifetime of serving as leaders in the Anglican Church to participate in a two year Pastoral Residency Program.

Resident Program Overview:

Through the Pastoral Residency program, the church seeks to build upon a strong seminary foundation by providing an opportunity for personal development and advanced practical training to prepare Residents to lead or plant churches in the Anglican tradition. Over the course of two years, Pastoral Residents will work full-­‐ time, gaining experience in a broad range of pastoral and leadership responsibilities while receiving the support of a church family, experienced clergy, and coaches.

Pastoral Residents will be asked to cultivate both the “being” and “doing” of leadership development in order to grow in character and skills to lead or plant a congregation.

Core Elements May Include:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Preaching, Teaching and Leading Bible Studies
  • Personal Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Leading Worship
  • Prayer and Healing Ministry
  • Church Planting
  • Local and/or Cross Cultural Mission
  • Church Administration, Planning, and Budgeting of Resources

Salary and Benefits:

Pastoral Residents will receive a $40,000 yearly stipend with the invitation to raise an additional $10,000 of salary (Total potential cash compensation of $50,000 per year). The church will provide health insurance benefits for the resident up to $6,000, 2 weeks vacation/5 days of sick leave, administrative support, and will cover other specific ministry expenses. Applicants with families are welcome to apply.

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