How We Support Our Planters

L10-2 is committed to coming alongside you in the church planting process from conception to multiplication! Our church planters receive prayer coverage from the get-go. You’ll engage in a discernment process to ensure you have been called to this exciting work. You’ll discover internship and residency opportunities to help strengthen your skill set. We help you to identify the harvest fields ripe for the picking. You’ll receive the tools and training you need to recruit and build team members. Our coaches are committed to helping you succeed–to discover what God wants you to do, and then do it! You’ll discover resources to financially sustain your family and your ministry.

And you’ll never be alone. Learn more about L10-2’s church planter support.

The Diocesan Planting Process

All church plants start with a God-given dream. To be a good steward of the dream (and the dreamer), we provide a discernment process to confirm one’s calling to launch a new community of faith. With the confirmation under his or her belt, the planter begins to build a launch team, gathering men, women and children around God’ vision. And, eventually this group begins to worship together.

Many questions are raised along the way. How do I know my vision is from God? Who says I’m called to be a church planter? Who will do this with me? What does worship look like? What does it mean to be affiliated with the diocese? Do I have to be an ordained priest to plant a church? Here are the answers to these questions and more!

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